Need The Best Pizza Maker? See THESE 2015 Reviews

What is more enjoyable than pizza? For a VERY long time, it’s been, and still is, one of America’s favorite types of food. People love pizza because there are so many different ways to make it.


Some people like to use breakfast ingredients while prefer old-fashioned pepperoni. Regardless of how you like it, you NEED this appliance. Many of the latest models are multi-purpose, so you’ll be surprised by what you can do with them.

The First Style

There are three main models. What makes these models different is how they cook the pizza. The first type closely resembles a waffle maker. The shape of the appliance is almost identical, but the operation is much different.

It opens in the same way a waffle maker opens, which means the lid flips open. You place the uncooked pizza into the machine and close the lid. There is an oven-like heating element in the top portion of the appliance, which cooks the pizza. This is one of the more popular models.

The Second Style

The second style consists of a tray, and it has two heating elements – one on the top and bottom. The tray itself can be heated, and the top portion can also be activated for even cooking.

You can use this style for purposes other than pizza, such as for hot wings. Unlike the other styles, the tray rotates continuously as the two heating elements evenly cook the pizza. Many consumers prefer this model over a traditional oven because it uses 60 percent less energy.

The third style

This is the style that looks the most like a conventional oven. You could say it looks a lot like a traditional VCR player, but it’s a countertop appliance; it’s much smaller than your traditional oven because it’s created specifically for making pizza.

However, the controls are very similar to a typical oven. You will almost always find this style in large pizza businesses because it’s classified as a professional appliance, but there are plenty of models that are created for use at home. You will find that this style is almost always made of stainless steel.

Why You MUST Own a Pizza Maker

It’s true that you can easily cook a homemade pizza inside of an oven, but where is the fun in that? There is something magical about using a smaller appliance that is made specifically for the task.

Also, it can usually cook a pizza in half the time that it would take with a conventional oven, and it gives you greater control over cooking it. One of the greatest advantages of using this small appliance is the fact that you never have to preheat it.

Anyone who has ever cooked a pizza in a conventional oven knows that preheating is extremely boring and not fun to wait for. You can start cooking the pizza the moment you plug in the power cord. It makes it easy to cook both frozen and thawed pizzas, and you gain complete control over how crispy you want the crust to be.

Since some models have multiple heating elements, you can truly customize the cooking experience. Most consumers like to include their kids in the process – it’s INCREDIBLY fun to make pizzas with the kids and allow them to choose the toppings and such. All of that is possible with a personal pizza maker for your home.


If you’ve been looking for the best pizza maker, then you’re not alone. To get the perfect pizza, you need the right hardware. Due to popular demand, we’ve created a special top-three list, so you can just choose one of these three products.

#1 ChoiceNew Wave Multi Pizza Maker

Although it was certainly a hard decision to make, we ended up going with this one. We found plenty of reasons to make the New Wave Multi Pizza Maker our top choice. It makes it very easy to make a delicious pizza within minutes. Although it’s very easy to use, it also has plenty of functionality.

For the type of style it has, it’s actually on the expensive side, but there are many other models that are significantly more expensive and don’t offer anything new. This is a countertop pizza maker, and it’s great for baking sessions with the kids.

They will love producing their own creations and seeing how the pizzas taste after they’re finished cooking. Unfortunately, this model isn’t one that allows you to watch the entire cooking process as it happens, but it makes up for that in other ways.

If you want to make a restaurant-style pizza, then this is definitely the machine to do it. You will find that the pizza takes about 5 minutes to cook, and the machine has a fixed stone base, which is great for stability during parties with kids.

It will fit in a standard cupboard, and you should have no problem using it anywhere in the kitchen. It has a recipe book enclosed, and you can get some truly delicious pizzas using these recipes. The only downside to this product is that it could be bigger.

To feed a family of 4, you’ll probably need to make a few pizzas at a time.  Overall, this is an excellent machine, and it scored so highly with us that we chose it as our top pick. Feel free to buy it here.

#2 ChoicePresto 03430 Pizzazz plus Rotating Oven

Next on the top-three list is the Presto 03430 Pizzazz plus Rotating Oven. Although it’s called a roasting oven, it can make some GOOD pizza! It has a thoughtful rotating tray, which runs continuously and ensures everything bakes evenly.

What we really like about this model is that it has a bottom and top heating element. This is revolutionary because it enables the machine to bake the food from both sides. Both of the heating elements are controlled separately, which gives you even more control over the baking process.

You can have the top heating element operating solo, or you can run both elements at the same time for a rounded out product. This product will give you near-perfect results every time. It has a timer that tells you when the cooking is finished.

Once the timer sounds, the heating elements are disengaged automatically. When compared with a traditional oven, this model uses 60 percent less energy, so it will save you time, effort and money. It has a removable baking pan, which is easy to clean and even easier to store.

It can bake pizza in half the amount of time that is required when using a conventional oven. Don’t worry about preheating it – you just plug it in and go. Even if all you eat is frozen pizza, this machine will definitely rock your world.

Some consumers have had issues with the unit not cooking their pizza as quickly as they had hoped, but that is really the only issue to discuss.

Did we mention that you can also use this model to cook wings and other types of food – it’s not just for pizza? At the end of the day, this is a fantastic product, and you can pick it up right here.

#3 ChoiceHamilton Beach 31700 Pizza Maker

Here is a product from Hamilton – it’s the Hamilton Beach 31700 Pizza Maker. It will cook a good-sized pizza. This model can be used to make appetizers, snacks and pizza. It’s capable of cooking a 12-inch pizza, which is big enough to feed one or two.

If you have a large family and don’t want to cook a few pizzas at once, it might be a good idea to purchase a larger unit. One of the benefits of this model is that it rotates the food, which produces a finished product that is evenly cooked.

It has a 30-minute cooking time, which utilizes an auto-shutoff mechanism – no need to worry about the heating elements staying on after the machine is finished cooking.

Overall, this is a fantastic product, and it has the potential to make some of the best pizzas you’ve ever feasted upon. For its particular style, it has a mid-range price, but it’s certainly worth the money. Go ahead and buy one from here.